crazy cyber securityWith the crazy things that are happening in the world of cyber security, you simply cannot deny the need to install an antivirus software on your personal computer, especially, if it is running on Microsoft Windows.

If your personal computer is an essential part of your every day work and activities, and you are so dependent on it, you probably might have to start thinking how to safe-guard your data and the content in the computer hard disk against virus attack and to avoid being caught in desperation to recover lost data and application software which are essential to you.

Basic Guidelines To Safe-Guard Your Valuable Data

Below are some guidelines which you can consider, adopt or expand on to safeguard your valuable data and the content in your computer hard disk. I will be discussing in details on these pointers in my future posts.

  1. data backup a mustPerform ad hoc full hard disk backup.e pointers in my future posts.
  2. Implement a regular data backup procedures with different versions of the content.
  3. Install a good and reliable security software, which include anti-virus, anti-malware, etc.
  4. Adopt and adhere to a good computing practices, which never to open an email attachment without checking the source and hyperlink details.

Purpose Of This Post

In my course of work, I am often being asked if the free antivirus software are effective or should I be purchasing the paid version of the antivirus software. Today, we will discuss if you should be using the free antivirus software and is the free antivirus software effective. This post is to provide the essential information to help you quickly made or formulate your decision in choosing and installing free or paid version of the antivirus software.

Let us go straight to the point and begin by shortlisting 3 best free antivirus software.

How do we determine the ranking of the free antivirus software and who decides the ranking?

There are 3 sources we can take reference from.

The AV-TEST Institute is a leading international and independent service provider in the fields of IT security and anti-virus research. It is a strong player in the field of antivirus research for over 15 years. 

The aim of the research work carried out by AV-TEST is to directly detect the latest malware, to analyse it using state-of-the-art methods and to inform our customers of the top-quality results obtained. At their German laboratories in Magdeburg a team of 30 IT specialists boasting many years of expertise take a practical approach to the development of innovative analysis mechanisms and the application of high-quality test procedures. In order to achieve these objectives, AV-TEST provides optimal working conditions and development opportunities. After all, IT security is one of the key factors in the modern business and corporate world!

The Best Antivirus Software For Windows Home User Test Results 2017

The best antivirus software for Windows Home User Test Results

See More Test Results is a leading authority on technology, delivering Labs-based, independent reviews of the latest products and services. Their expert industry analysis and practical solutions help consumer and corporate make better buying decisions and get more from technology.

PC Magazine provides reviews and previews of the latest hardware and software for the information technology professional. Articles are written by leading experts.


The Best Free Antivirus Protection of 2017

PCMag 2017 Free AV Ranking

See More Test Results


TechRadar logoTechRadar is the largest UK-based consumer technology news and reviews site (and now rapidly growing in the US and Australia), their editorial independence backed by the weight of technology publisher Future plus objective test data from the TechRadar Labs.

Their experienced writers who operate from their offices in London, Bath, San Francisco, New York and Sydney operate under Future’s 20 year old policy of a cast-iron guarantee of editorial independence.

TechRadar will tell you about the coolest new stuff. They’ll work hard to bring you original quotes and exclusive access. They’ll review it more thoroughly and carefully than anyone else. They’ll explain how it works and why you buy it (or not).

 See Test Results


Free Version vs. Paid Version

If free antivirus software are so great and effective, why should anyone pay or purchase the paid version?

Most of these free antivirus software are free only for non-commercial or personal use. Therefore, if
you want to protect your business, you have to purchase and install the paid version of the antivirus software. You should also probably consider upgrading to a full security suite of the paid edition, example,
the Internet Security edition, instead of the Antivirus edition. After all, it’s your business’s security on the line.

The primary differences between the free and paid antivirus software comes down to features. Some of these features can be extremely important and ease of use. For example, Kaspersky Free doesn’t include
the paid edition’s powerful System Watcher component, which monitors processes exhibiting malicious behavior and, if necessary, rolls back changes made by malware.

Many antivirus companies don’t offer full-scale tech support for users of the free edition. This can be important for any small business, or a family with several computer users. Free antivirus software also don’t offer parental controls that can protect children from inappropriate sites or warn them about cyber stalking and bullying.

Free antivirus software often has advertisement. Although this can be negligible, continuous pop-ups pestering you to sign up for the paid version of whatever you’re using can be quite irritating. Some free
antivirus software will try to change your web browser’s home page and default search engine, which can be annoying.

You-get-what-you-pay-for. The paid antivirus software are usually easier to install and run, and have fewer conflicts with other applications. If you should configure the antivirus software and lock down your system too tightly, it’s easier with paid programs to select specific features and shut them off, or to set rules and behavioral exceptions.

The one-year license subscription of the antivirus software will include additional features. It will come with parental controls, but you’ll also find more elaborate firewalls to prevent intrusions, and performance and conflict scans for Windows PCs. The paid version also look for suspicious behavior, such as a program
attempting to access files it shouldn’t.

In addition, most free antivirus software do not rate or assess the legitimacy of websites or warn about the latest phishing scams.

My Choice Of FREE Antivirus

My 3 choices of free antivirus software would be:

avast logo

Download Avast Free Antivirus

bitdefender logoDownload Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition


AVG logoDownload AVG Antivirus Free


Features Of FREE And Paid Version Comparison Chart

The comparison chart below gives you an idea the features found in free antivirus software compared to the paid version. To learn more simply click on the chart.

avast logoAVAST Comparison Chart

AVG logo


Who should use free antivirus software?

If you have a small business, a paid version, eg. Internet Security Suit, would be a better choice. Technical support will prove essential should a virus bring down your computers. Furthermore, features that allow
you to block certain types of sites can keep employees from straying to those sites. Parents may also consider buying a full-fledged program. Not only can the additional controls be helpful but the additional
warnings about phishing can educate younger users.

Personally, I would install one of the best free antivirus software such as Avira Free Antivirus on a computer which will not contain or come in contact with my valuable data and I am not worried of loosing the content in hard disk. They are usually kept up-to-date with the latest virus signatures for scanning and monitoring, and their malware-scanning performance is comparable to their more expensive counterparts.

Using the free antivirus software would means that you need to be more careful when you’re surfing the internet.You should exercise caution against opening links in strange emails or fall for false ads on malicious websites.

One last issue to consider, if you intend to often add other free software to cover other issues that paid antivirus software offers, such as parental controls, or use those that are built into some browsers,
mixing and matching can quickly get complicated. Whenever there’s a conflict with another program or a warning about a possible security threat, it can be difficult to tell which of several products you may be
using is causing the problem. Does a setting in the free Windows firewall protection need to be reset, or is there another program blocking the software you want to access on the Web?

Ultimately, if you do go the free route, don’t just click on the first “free antivirus program” button you see, whether it’s a pop-up ad or the result of a Google search. Those are often malicious programs looking
to infect a PC. Stick with one of the applications mentioned in this post.

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