Joseph ChangWebsiteHackedFix was established in 2016 by Joseph Chang. Companies in Singapore can now easily search on the internet for a local company that is specialized in website security to protect website from being hacked and to fix hacked website. Joseph saw that many local companies have the following concerns when selecting and engaging an overseas company to fix their hacked website:

  • trust-worthiness
  • genuinity
  • authenticity
  • time zone
  • response time
  • pricing
  • hidden cost
  • recurring cost if website is hacked again

There are many overseas companies that offer fix to hacked website and also website protection but it is a challenge when your website is hacked and you try to pinpoint the right company that will provide the best security experts to fix it and the best website protection. It would be nice to have a subscription plan that will protect your website  from all future attacks without  hidden cost, and no additional fee.

WebsiteHackedFix was honored to partner with a UK company to bring world-class website firewall and security experts to Singapore at an affordable price to small businesses in Singapore and globally. We will fix your hacked website at no additional cost if the website is already protected by our world-class website firewall. We are confident of our world-class website firewall which is one of the best in the world

Joseph Chang has been in the IT (Information Technology) industry since 1993 and he takes pride in serving with a personal touch and ethic to protect and respect the privacy of clients’ information.

When Joseph began to receive calls from customers seeking help to fix hacked website, he realised that it was almost impossible to find on the internet a company in Singapore that offers the service to fix hacked website and to protect it from future hack. It was easy to find such services offered by overseas countries. There were concerns when deciding if to engage the overseas company because of time difference and the uncertainties of when the support department will reply and start fixing the problem.

At WebsiteHackedFix, you can have a peace of mind knowing that your website is well protected and there is no hidden cost oradditional expenses.