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Everyday there are about 37,000 websites being hacked and mostly are WordPress websites. There has been an increase trend of hacking on eCommerce websites. Most people who own website are not even aware that their website have been hacked and being used by hackers to steal information, spread virus, perform spamming, and for monetary gain. You can try out our totally free website diagnostic by our security experts to check if your website has been hacked, so that, you can have a peace of mind. FREE Website Scan Do you have friends in your social networks or a Facebook group who you think would find this useful? Share this with them by clicking on the social network icons on the left side and then let me know what they think. Sign up for my free email updates to automatically receive my new post....

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You Can Get Infected Visiting Trusted Website

A hacking technique that is becoming popular and lucrative among the hackers is the “drive-by-download” technique which usually has a 5 Stages of a web attack. This is a malware delivery technique that is triggered simply by visiting a website which is legitimate or trusted. The malware on the website could be some hidden codes within a website content, banners, or advertisements. Hackers are becoming more advanced and sophisticated over recent years, so, a simple act of visiting a site is enough to get your computer infected or your personal details...

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Why Would Anyone Wants To Hack My Website?

Do you know that . . . 44% of web traffic is from humans 56% of web traffic is from bots, impersonators, hacking tools, scrapers and spammers About 37,000 websites are hacked everyday In early April 2013, millions of websites around the world, that are using WordPress, were attacked by hackers. The hackers use over 90,000 compromised computers to attack millions of websites. These hackers were taking advantage of the fact that many people do not take basic security precautions for their website. The hackers were looking for easy targets … the “low hanging fruit.” The hackers were using Brute Force attack to try to login to the WordPress site using the username ‘admin’ and guessing the password using common (very insecure) passwords such as ‘admin’, ‘password’, ‘123456’, ‘222222’ or ‘qwerty’. A large network of compromised computers and servers, which they had already hacked, were used to create a massive attack on other websites. These computers were used in an automated fashion to attempt to login to the WordPress sites. Once logged in, the hacker has control over the website, which could then be used to launch further attacks. It is very likely that many of these website owners are unaware that their websites have even been hacked. If you think that your website is just too insignificant to be noticed by hackers, think again, your site might just be the ideal...

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